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Brands who chose Clozd for win-loss surveys:
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The reviews are in—with more coming every day—and according to nearly 200 reviewers, Clozd is the best in our category. See what business leaders like yourself are saying about the benefits of win-loss analysis with Clozd.

Clozd is excellent. We almost always learn new factors that weren't uncovered by our internal resources. We’ve improved our win rates in our core markets and changed our product development strategy based on their feedback.”

Shawn Lane
CEO, LivTech

Win-loss analysis has been quite transformational. We had many assumptions about why we win and why we lose, and a good many of those assumptions have been definitively proven false.”

Craig Clark
CMO, Nitrogen

It’s unfathomable why more people don't do this. I mean, it’s literally company-changing to get this data on a consistent basis."

Diana Massaro
CMO, Skyhigh Security

It only takes us winning one deal to make Clozd worth it.”

Rex Galbraith
CRO, Consenus

Winning deals is our sport, and Clozd is our video review. Everybody needs to be making every effort to get clients sharing feedback with this program."

Ravi Kumaraswami
President of Worldwide Field Operations, Riskified

Relative to our key competitors, hearing the more-detailed interview responses has helped us sharpen our message and measure how well it's getting through."

Tom Kahl
CRO, Hello Heart

Uncover millions in untapped revenue.
“Pricing” is the most common closed-lost reason. But did you know that most deals aren’t actually lost because of price? Find out—directly from your buyers—the real reasons you’re losing deals.
Zero to hero
Acquia turned the #1 reason they lost deals into the top reason they were winning.
Find out how other revenue leaders are using win-loss data to truly understand their buyers’ behaviors and intentions—so they can create messaging that resonates more deeply with prospects.
Who NOT to sell to
Are you tired of wasting time selling to the wrong prospects? Improve your sales team’s efficiency by accurately identifying who NOT to sell to.
Identify and beat new, disruptive competitors before they gain a foothold in your marketplace
$500K opportunity
Find out how other revenue leaders are using win-loss data to identify and win back a $500K deal that had been marked “closed-lost.”
Generating more pipeline isn’t the only way to consistently hit your revenue goals. Increasing your win rate by just a few percentage points can make a huge difference to your bottom line.
Learn why our customers attribute an ROI of 8,500% to their partnership with Clozd.
Actionable data

How much do you really trust your CRM data?

You might think tracking deals in your CRM is enough—but you'd be wrong. We analyzed the CRM data of thousands of deals and compared it to what buyers actually said. Here's what we found.

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65% of deals are tagged with the wrong competitor

Win-loss data shows that buyers report a different primary competitor than what's logged in the CRM on nearly 7 out of every 10 deals. Are you aiming at the wrong target?

There are 4–5 factors that determine every deal's outcome

In contrast, CRM data offers you a single reason ... picked from a drop-down menu. Can you really trust your CRM data to tell you why you're winning and losing?

85% of the time, your closed-lost data is completely wrong

When we compare the buyers' reasons for a deal being lost to the data documented in the CRM, buyer and seller data only matches up 15% of the time.

There are 4–5 factors that determine every deal's outcome

In contrast, CRM data offers you a single reason ... picked from a drop-down menu. Can you really trust your CRM data to tell you why you're winning and losing?

Most of your closed-lost data is useless

44% of closed-lost reasons don't tell you why you lost. Data that only explains the outcome of the deal (i.e., "Lost to Competitor") isn't actionable. Data that isn't actionable can't help you win more.

Did we mention we have THE industry-leading platform?

Automate win-loss feedback

The Clozd Platform automates the win-loss feedback process. As sales opportunities close (won or lost), the platform triggers feedback invitations to the related contacts. Clozd’s intelligent, rule-based engine evaluates each opportunity to optimize the feedback mode—survey or interview—and customize the invitation messaging.

Uncover the Decision Drivers behind why you win and lose

The Clozd Platform analyzes the Decision Drivers that influence your wins and losses, painting a clear picture of why you win and lose. The platform then makes it easy to filter and explore your Decision Drivers by segment, competitor, geography, industry, and more.

Dig deeper on every deal

Investigate what went right and wrong on every deal:

Read or listen to the full buyer interview

Make comments to highlight feedback to other stakeholders

Use the deal-level insights to coach and train your sales team

Explore competitive insights

Gain a deeper understanding of who you’re commonly competing against—and how you stack up in comparison. Utilize feedback from actual prospects to quickly understand your strengths and weaknesses relative to your competition.

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