Our Story

The Clozd mission is to help you win more.

We offer innovative services and technology for win-loss analysis.
We help our clients uncover the real reasons why they win and lose, so they can start winning more.


Our Commitment

Clozd's talented team is committed to redefining the win-loss category and helping our clients win more.

Clozd's approach is based on sound and proven research principles - to ensure the highest quality insight for our clients.

Clozd develops innovative win-loss software to enable greater efficiency, quality, and adoption of win-loss insights.

Our Story

Most companies struggle to understand why they win and lose.
As a result, they fail to align people and resources to the most impactful initiatives.

In prior roles we looked for proper win-loss solutions—but couldn't find any.
Recognizing that a new approach was needed, we founded Clozd in 2017.

Everything we do is designed to give our clients a more complete understanding of why they win and lose.
So they can win more.

Our Founders

Andrew Peterson
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Spencer Dent
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"Outstanding means of understanding why you win and lose."
Sales Director, Avalara

"Don't know what we would do without Clozd."
Senior Insights Manager, Tableau

"Depth of knowledge we could never achieve on our own."
Vice President, Xactly

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Phone: 650.394.7917
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An investment in win-loss analysis will be rapidly paid back, as it always leads to increased success rates.
Stephane Rosenwald | CEO, RV Conseil
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