State of Win-Loss 2024

It’s more critical than ever to understand exactly why you’re winning and losing deals.

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more companies are running ongoing, cross-functional win-loss analysis programs instead of project-based or department-specific programs.


of companies indicated that the economic environment has increased the value and importance of win-loss analysis, up from 18% during the COVID-19 pandemic.


of companies that distribute win-loss data to at least half of their employees report an increase in win rate because of win-loss analysis.

If you look at our product roadmap, huge swaths of it have been dictated by the information we claim from reading [win-loss] reports and looking at the themes and customer pain points.”

Rebecca Yang | Vice President of Engineering

Outstanding means of understanding why you win and lose."

Name | Sales Director

Companies that partner with third-party vendors report higher ROI

The value of win-loss analysis continues to grow—for a number of reasons.

Like this one: Companies that contract with third-party vendors to operate their win-loss programs are 36% more likely to see a significant return on their investment in win-loss analysis.

For those companies who run their own internal programs, the natural next step is to look for a third-party solution.

In this report, we’ll explore how real companies are seeing real value from win-loss analysis. This includes everything from identifying win-back opportunities and defining ICPs to significantly improving their sales training and boosting their win rates.

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of companies that use a third-party vendor for their win-loss analysis programs report a high level of satisfaction—121% higher than companies that run their own programs.

Get the State of Win-Loss Report

Get the State of Win-Loss Report