Unlock the power of direct buyer feedback

Your buyers know exactly why you’re winning and losing—why aren’t you asking them?

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of your CRM’s closed-lost data is completely wrong

We’ve found that your CRM data rarely matches the (far more accurate) data captured from direct buyer feedback. This guide teaches you how to create a win-loss analysis program that will uncover the real reasons you win and lose—so you can win more deals and drive more revenue.

A formal and rigorous win-loss analysis program enables better segmentation, product strategy, and sales enablement. Those that take a more comprehensive approach have seen a 15–30% increase in revenue and up to 50% improvement in win rates.”

Todd Berkowitz | Research VP
What is win-loss analysis?

Win-loss analysis is the process of capturing and analyzing feedback directly from your buyers to uncover the real reasons you win and lose sales opportunities.

Who can benefit?

When done correctly, win-loss analysis delivers significant benefits to teams throughout your organization—from marketing and sales to product and customer support.

What’s the potential ROI?

Even a small improvement to their sales win rates will drive a significant return on investment for companies that invest in a comprehensive win-loss analysis program.

Org-wide benefits
Why it’s important to you

Executive teams with access to accurate, real-time win-loss data make quicker, more informed decisions—and they act on them with more confidence.


Win-loss analysis helps your sales team know exactly what’s working and what isn’t—so they can replicate best practices and avoid repeating costly mistakes.


Win-loss analysis exposes gaps in marketing content and messaging, and it deepens your understanding of buyer preferences, needs, intentions, and criteria.

Product marketing

Product marketers are often the first to recognize the importance of win-loss data in optimizing product messaging, product strategy, and sales enablement.


Win-loss analysis highlights the real strengths and weaknesses of your company’s solutions, which enables product leaders to refine their product roadmap.

Client success

Many win-loss programs also include interviews with current customers that uncover the root causes of client attrition—which helps increase retention.

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