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Why do companies love using Clozd?

More and more companies are realizing just how valuable buyer feedback can be. Read why Clozd is the largest and fastest-growing win-loss provider in the world.

We are building a culture where everyone is invested in knowing win-loss information. People are excited to digest the feedback from Clozd's win-loss interviews. We now have multiple product lines requesting to take part in the win-loss program."
Tirrah Switzer
Director of Product Marketing
Win rate is so important, but how do you impact the number? More phone calls, try harder, negotiate harder? The numbers are important but what feeds the numbers is what Clozd provides."
Rex Galbraith
SVP of Sales
When you don't know why your customers are churning, what they don't like about your product, or why you are losing sales—getting the insight that Clozd provides will completely change your business."
Diana Massaro
Chief Marketing Officer
The idea of offloading win-loss analysis to a team that was really easy to work with was great. Clozd does a great job of making sure the program moves along without becoming overbearing."
Phil Voulgaris
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Clozd is a really rich source of Voice of the Customer insights, where if we are trying to test a hypothesis or do some research, we can use win-loss to pull some anecdotal evidence and some powerful quotes that can change an internal decision-maker's mind just by seeing that perspective."
Jason Klein
Director of Product Marketing
The greatest outcome of these Clozd interviews was identifying our true blind spots. Clozd takes a neutral stance when speaking with prospects and they are not influenced in any way to steer the discussion in a certain direction ... This means we get "unfiltered feedback" from our prospects."
Alex Edwards
Director of Client Success
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With the insights and findings not only helping shape our strategic long-term plans and decisions but additionally, we are now able to adjust our communication and touch-points in a very agile manner."
Stephanie McSwiney
VP of Sales
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Clozd takes all of the work off my hands. I provide the lists, and they reach out to customers to schedule interviews. After they conduct the interviews, the reports are posted to the portal."
Heather Pepe
Director of Solutions Marketing
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Clozd stepped in at the right time to help our team understand information we have been, in many cases, unable to understand."
Josh Dilley
Product Marketing Specialist
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What I like about Clozd is that I can talk with the person who is doing the outreach prior to engaging with each account. The consultant is very adept at finding information about the buying process that we did not know about."
Steven Loewy
Vice President of Marketing
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Case Studies

refined their ICP using Clozd’s win-loss insights.
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Community Brands
used Clozd to level up their win-loss program.
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uses Clozd to keep a pulse on market changes.
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uses Clozd to turn win-loss into actionable plans.
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Clozd gave us insights into the
"why" we were winning deals.
Ike Nwabah | VP of Marketing
Outstanding means of understanding why you win and lose.
Tripp R. | Global Competitive Insights Manager
Depth of knowledge we could never achieve on our own.
Gary C. | VP of Product Marketing