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Win-loss analysis is the practice of systematically capturing and analyzing the reasons why you win and lose sales opportunities. It’s an essential practice for any organization that wants to improve its sales win rate. If you have a sales team and a CRM system, then you should be conducting disciplined win-loss analysis on an ongoing basis.

Clozd analyzes the outcomes of closed opportunities to uncover the driving trends behind those wins and losses. The data-driven clarity about why you win and lose helps you keep pace with evolving buyer needs, maximize your win rate, and identify win-back opportunities.

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We're building the future of win-loss analysis

Clozd is the leading innovator in the win-loss category. We've created an entirely new way for businesses to deeply understand their strengths and weaknesses, and make strategic decisions to improve their weaknesses and double down on their strengths.

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We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere—no matter the job title, or what team you are on. All of our leaders are approachable and empathetic.

We want to give you opportunities to grow, shine, and meaningfully contribute in a way that aligns with your values without having to sell your soul to "The Man."

I love working at Clozd. I feel like my contributions are valued and truly make a difference in determining the success of the company. That feeling and culture makes it so I never want to leave."

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The value of win-loss analysis for your team

Winning is a collective effort, and Clozd delivers critical revenue intelligence to every revenue-influencing team. Empower your teams with the win-loss insights they need to improve win rates by up to 50% (Gartner).

Product Marketing
Product Management

As CEO of LivTech, I engaged Clozd to conduct interviews and build win-loss root cause data. Clozd is excellent. ... We almost always learn new factors that weren't uncovered by our internal resources. We have improved our win rates in our core markets and changed our product development strategy based on their feedback.”

Shawn Lane
CEO LivTech

The added intelligence of understanding why we win/lose deals has had a very meaningful impact on our go-to-market strategy. It is amazing the information that a company will share about their experience in the sales process, their perceptions of your products, and even how they perceived your competition. This data becomes a cornerstone for our competitive intelligence and is very influential on our product roadmap."

Gary Cottrell
VP Product Marketing, Xactly

Clozd reviews are directly from the customer and are unfiltered and specific as to the reason they chose another path/vendor ... the data is invaluable to a sales leader to help coach their sales teams to ensure they are covering all their bases to give them the best chance at winning in the future ... I'm amazed at the amount of details Clozd ascertains from the customers."

Bill Troiano
VP Sales, Avalara

We engaged Clozd to help us understand at a deep level why we aren't winning deals. They are performing regular win/loss interviews and analysis for complex professional software products and services to inform our go-to-market and in-market strategies ... Clozd has exceeded our expectations ... We are optimizing our strategic and tactical plans based on the insights."

Karyn DeJong
Director of Product Marketing, Morningstar

Clozd was contracted to do external win/loss analysis for our company ... This gives us quick, actionable insights into our product, sales process, pricing and packaging, and other critical elements of our business that we use to make strategic decisions about the direction the company is heading."

Ryan Smith
VP Product Management, Armor

While creating eLearnings for our sales organization, Clozd gave us the detail we needed! Not only did we find interesting information about key wins and losses that reps could learn from, but we also understood customer needs at a deeper level. Clozd increases the quality of our training and makes a much more engaging, worthwhile experience for learners! It helps me to be more objective about our strengths and weaknesses as a company, which in turn will help the reps who take the training."

Alyssa Erickson
Learning Experience Designer, Qualtrics


A team (and insights) you can trust

With Clozd, you’ll have a dedicated expert to help you scope, implement, and execute your win-loss program. Our proven methodology delivers win-loss insights you can trust, and our experienced team provides the guidance and support you need to succeed.

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Real-time win-loss analysis at scale

Win-loss at scale is impossible without purpose-built technology. The Clozd Platform integrates with your CRM, automates data collection, synthesizes key insights, and engages your key stakeholders. It’s the only solution that can deliver comprehensive, continuous win-loss analysis for the global enterprise.

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Looking for tips and best practices? Need help building a business case? Clozd can help. Get answers to commonly asked questions and access valuable content like The Definitive Guide to Win-Loss Analysis and The State of Win-Loss Analysis Report.

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Clozd helps us understand, with confidence, why we win and lose deals."

Amelie Sutsakhan

  | Senior Product Marketing Manager at LaunchDarkly

Every review from Clozd that I read teaches me new ways to improve our sales process.

James Erickson

  | Head of Market Intelligence at AppFolio

Depth of knowledge we could never achieve on our own."

Gary C.

  |  VP of Product Marketing