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Clearbit relies on win-loss analysis to increase buyer empathy, guide its product roadmap

Clearbit has taken a product-centric approach to win-loss analysis, and they've relied on unbiased customer feedback—provided by Clozd—to improve both product adoption and customer retention.

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Win-loss analysis data is like game tape for sales professionals

Just like the best sports teams, top sales teams never miss a chance to review their game tape. 

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Clozd-Gong partnership delivers 360-degree view of the buyer experience

The new Clozd-Gong integration allows you to see the full lifecycle of your sales deals across your pipeline in one place—on your Clozd dashboard.

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Calendly leads the way in building an impactful, collaborative win-loss analysis program

Calendly worked with Clozd to meticulously build out their win-loss program that has reliably delivered valuable insights to teams throughout their organization.

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Alteryx leverages Clozd’s win-loss data to guide company strategy

How Alteryx uses win-loss data from Clozd to build a robust, voice-of-the-customer (VoC) feedback loop.

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Clozd + Crayon Integration

Clozd, the leading provider of win-loss analysis technology and services, has partnered with Crayon, the premier competitive intelligence platform.

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Win-Loss 101: How to effectively schedule win-loss interviews with your buyers | Part 3 of 6

Find out how the top win-loss analysis experts schedule win-loss analysis interviews buyers, and ensure they show up to provide honest feedback about their buying experience.

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How Xactly uses win-loss data to reduce churn

Find out how Xactly is using Clozd to perform customer retention interviews to decrease churn and more consistently hit revenue goals.

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The evolution of a win-loss analysis program

Successful companies are constantly evolving and improving their win-loss analysis efforts. Where does your company fall on the win-loss maturity curve?

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The true ROI of win-loss analysis

What's the ROI of a comprehensive, third-party win-loss analysis program? Find out what Clozd customers have to say ...

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Pricing strategy: What does “too expensive” really mean?

When a closed-lost buyer says your solution is "too expensive," or they "don't have budget," what do they really mean? This article shows you what buyers truly mean when they don't buy due to price.

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Win-Loss 101: What to ask buyers in your win-loss interviews | Part 2 of 6

What questions should you ask when conducting a win-loss interview with a buyer? Find out how to build your first win-loss interview guide from two of Clozd's top win-loss analysis experts.

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5 lies your CRM is telling you about your buyers

Don't trust what your CRM says about your buyers? Good! We compared the CRM data from 1,000 closed-lost deals to what the buyers actually said in win-loss interviews. The results were shocking...

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Win-Loss 101: Kicking off your first win-loss analysis project | Part 1 of 6

You can do all the right things and still lose. Win-loss analysis will help you consistently hit quota, by diagnosing and treating revenue problems.

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How Consensus improved win rates using Clozd

How Consensus improved win rates using win-loss analysis data provided by Clozd.

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Win-loss analysis: DIY vs. Third party

Are you debating between hiring a third party to run your win-loss analysis program and building your own in-house solution? This article will help you make the right decision for your business.

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LaunchDarkly leverages Clozd to enable cross-functional collaboration

Learn how LaunchDarkly uses win-loss analysis data provided by Clozd to keep tabs on their competition.

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4 Things Your Sales Team Needs To Do To Win More

Here are 4 powerful strategies most sales teams are ignoring to generate more sales! Sart doing doing them today to gain a leg-up on your competition.

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Community Brands creates org-wide alignment with Clozd

Find out how Community Brands uses win-loss insights to create true strategic alignment across the whole company.

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Clozd Raises $52 Million In Series A Round

Clozd has raised $52M in Series A funding led by Greycroft, and completed by Madrona Venture Group, and Album VC.

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How SmartBear improved sales demos and win rates with their Clozd win-loss program

Learn how SmartBear leveraged their Clozd win-loss analysis program to increase win rates and improve sales demos.

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Challenger: How To Negotiate The Close

Spencer Wixom, Chief Customer Officer at Challenger, spoke during Clozd’s Win Loss Week on the best tips and tricks to negotiate a deal and how you can do your best to ensure it closes.

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Four Tips to Level Up Your Win-Loss Analysis Program

With a large majority of companies investing in win-loss analysis, the question becomes: how can you level up your current program to drive a more significant impact for your organization?

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How COVID Forever Changed B2B Marketing

COVID changed B2B marketing. Saber Sherrard and Johnny Hansen with Bain & Company shared research on those changes and what winning marketers did to win during a crisis.

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