Business Health Checklist

Just like people, no company is perfectly healthy; however, they can aspire to be.

As we run win-loss programs, we diagnose the symptoms and root causes of why our clients win and lose. Like a doctor, we see common symptoms across our “patients." This list highlights the most common symptoms we look for and can serve as a great checklist for assessing the health of your business.


Honestly assessing your performance in each area, and then addressing the gaps will help your business become more competitive. In some cases, you may not have clear or complete answers. Like a checkup with your doctor, Clozd can conduct in-depth win-loss analysis to assess the symptoms, diagnose root causes, and guide you on the path to a healthier (more competitive) business.


Does our product or solution provide the core features or functions that buyers expect?

Does it do so better than our competitors?

Does our solution scale with our customers' needs (both up and down)?

Is our solution easy to use/understand/implement?

Does our solution easily and reliably integrate into the relevant systems, solutions, or processes?


Does our sales team listen, understand, and clearly communicate?

Do we tailor our demos or presentations to address the unique needs of each prospect?

Do our sales reps strategically guide our buyers through the sales process?

Do buyers trust our sales team?

Pricing & Packaging

Is our pricing (and the way we communicate it) clear and easy to understand for our buyers?

Is our offering packaged in a way that meets their needs?

Is our pricing model structured in a way that is mutually beneficial and encourages adoption?

Are we able to estimate/communicate the value of our solution relative to the cost (and that of our competitors)?


Do we clearly define and understand our buyer(s)?

Do we provide the right content and forums to allow modern buyers to find and research our solutions?

Do we provide the right logos, case studies, and references to give buyers confidence that they will be successful?

Is our reputation positively or negatively impacting our ability to source and win deals?


You may be the perfect solution for a buyer and still lose the deal.

Here are 3 external traps to watch out for in your pipeline:

  1. Are there imminent macro factors that may impact the prospective buyer's ability to make a purchase (like M&A, role changes, organizational restructures, etc.)?

  2. Do we have the right partner ecosystem? Are you coordinating effectively with partners in order to jointly put your best foot forward?

  3. Does the cost, both in dollars and internal disruption, of moving to a new solution outweigh the estimated benefits?

About Win-Loss Analysis

One of the most effective strategies for developing complete answers to the questions above is to get post-decision feedback from the decision-makers at your won and lost accounts. This invaluable practice is called win-loss analysis. The insights that come from effective win-loss analysis can shed light on how you're truly performing in each key area, while helping to uncover blindspots and foster strategic alignment across your org.

Clozd specializes in win-loss analysis for B2B organizations. We provide innovative services and technology to help you diagnose why you win and lose - so you can start winning more.

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