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Check out our most recent posts, which range from sales enablement and negotiation strategies to helpful tips on how to better understand your buyers—all based on our expertise from running win-loss programs with companies all over the world.

Clozd win-loss analysis delivers buyer intelligence you can bank on

What's the ROI of a third-party comprehensive win-loss analysis program? Find out what Clozd customers have to say...

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Win-Loss 101: What to ask buyers in your win-loss interviews | Part 2 of 6

What questions should you ask when conducting a win-loss interview with a buyer? Find out how to build your first win-loss interview guide from two of Clozd's top win-loss analysis experts.

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5 lies your CRM is telling you about your buyers

Don't trust what your CRM says about your buyers? Good! We compared the CRM data from 1,000 closed-lost deals to what the buyers actually said in win-loss interviews. The results were shocking...

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Win-Loss 101: Kicking off your first win-loss analysis project | Part 1 of 6

You can do all the right things and still lose. Win-loss analysis will help you consistently hit quota, by diagnosing and treating revenue problems.

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How Consensus improved win rates using Clozd

How Consensus improved win rates using win-loss analysis data provided by Clozd.

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Win-loss analysis: DIY vs. Third party

Are you debating between hiring a third party to run your win-loss analysis program and building your own in-house solution? This article will help you make the right decision for your business.

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LaunchDarkly leverages Clozd to enable cross-functional collaboration

Learn how LaunchDarkly uses win-loss analysis data provided by Clozd to keep tabs on their competition.

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4 Things Your Sales Team Needs To Do To Win More

Here are 4 powerful strategies most sales teams are ignoring to generate more sales! Sart doing doing them today to gain a leg-up on your competition.

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Community Brands creates org-wide alignment with Clozd

Find out how Community Brands uses win-loss insights to create true strategic alignment across the whole company.

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Clozd Raises $52 Million In Series A Round

Clozd has raised $52M in Series A funding led by Greycroft, and completed by Madrona Venture Group, and Album VC.

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How SmartBear improved sales demos and win rates with their Clozd win-loss program

Learn how SmartBear leveraged their Clozd win-loss analysis program to increase win rates and improve sales demos.

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Challenger: How To Negotiate The Close

Spencer Wixom, Chief Customer Officer at Challenger, spoke during Clozd’s Win Loss Week on the best tips and tricks to negotiate a deal and how you can do your best to ensure it closes.

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Four Tips to Level Up Your Win-Loss Analysis Program

Together, Clozd and Pragmatic Institute surveyed hundreds of B2B companies on the current state of win-loss analysis and found that 79% were already doing some sort of win-loss analysis. With a large majority of companies investing in win-loss analysis, the question becomes: how can you level up your current program to drive a more significant impact for your organization?

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How COVID Forever Changed B2B Marketing

COVID changed B2B marketing. Saber Sherrard and Johnny Hansen with Bain & Company shared research on those changes and what winning marketers did to win during a crisis.

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The Importance of Buyer Empathy in Marketing

Understanding your buyers is the most important thing a marketer can do. Trenton Romph, the head of marketing at Clozd, sat down with Chris Walker, the CEO of Refine Labs to talk about why marketers should build buyer empathy, the benefits of doing it, why it doesn’t happen, and ways to create a buyer-empathy-building system in your company.

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Cutting Through the Noise: Focusing on the Data That Matters

Not all data is created equal. In fact, a lot of it is contradictory. So how do you cut through the data that isn’t as important to get to the golden nuggets that will drive the most value for you? Ike Bennion presented on just this during his Win Loss Week session.

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5 Reasons You're Losing to "No Decision"

Clozd sat down with two sales professionals to get their take on no-decision outcomes and why they are the worst outcome of a closed deal. A no-decision means that you were talking to the wrong person (not your ideal buyer) or you couldn’t convince them of the value you bring.

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Five Tips For Successful Win-Loss Analysis by Pragmatic Institute

Paul Young, an instructor at Pragmatic Institute, gives five tips on how to make your win-loss analysis program successful and how to get you the most holistic, complete picture.

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The Value of Win-Loss Analysis for Product Marketers

Product marketers, more and more, are implementing win-loss analysis programs to bring value to their organizations. Other departments’ performance can be directly tied to revenue, but working in a strategic role, showing value can be more difficult. Win-loss analysis can be that catalyst. 

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Advice and Tips to Launch a B2B Product

Launching a B2B product can make or break a company. We hosted an expert panel during Win Loss Week 2021 to share their advice on doing it successfully. They cover everything from resourcing, planning, audience awareness, and how to measure success.

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Tips to Improve Sales Team Performance

Clozd identified three common reasons sales teams influence winning and losing deals through the data gathered in these programs. The top three reasons were:Sales Empathy and CommunicationSales Process and Follow UpDemo Quality: Sales Knowledge or Expertise. Four experts discuss the best practices on how to combat them.

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Sales Tips From Two B2B Enterprise Sales Legends

We sat down with two sales legends, Jim Steele and John D'Agostino, to learn lessons on how to succeed in B2B sales. Both Jim and John had incredibly successful sales careers as individual sales reps and leaders. This is a recap of their best stories on building a winning culture, attributes of a successful salesperson, and more.

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How to Actually Use Your Win-Loss Analysis Data

Win-loss analysis programs can aggregate a lot of useful information but taking that information and actually using it to drive meaningful change is why it is so important to your overall strategy.

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How To Use Win-Loss Analysis Cross-Functionally

Win-loss analysis can be a helpful tool across your organization. The insights gathered from a robust program can help influence change cross-functionally.

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Why Competitive Intelligence & Product Marketers Are Using Win-Loss Analysis

Competitive intelligence and product marketing professionals are using win-loss analysis to gain useful intel and information on competitors, better understand the needs of the buyer, and overall better themselves in the marketplace to ensure they're winning more.

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