Churn analysis with Clozd

Don’t let churn sneak up on you

You work so hard to acquire new customers—and it’s our goal to help you keep them. Churn analysis with Clozd delivers the insights you need to understand your customers’ pain points, identify at-risk accounts, and boost customer retention.

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Increase retention and renewal revenue

Gaining a deep understanding of the reasons your customers leave will help you focus on the best ways to get them to stay.

Identify win-back opportunities

Churn interviews often uncover opportunities to win customers back, and then we help map out ways to recapture that lost revenue.

Easily view churn data and trends

Our platform separates new and existing business, making it easy for you to view, analyze, and act on the insights you capture through churn analysis.

Clozd helps us uncover the root causes behind attrition and identify at-risk clients so that we can take action and increase client retention.”
Brian Stucki | President & COO
Churn analysis with Clozd
Our process

Customer retention is always on our clients’ minds—and churn analysis with Clozd delivers honest and in-depth customer feedback that helps you identify at-risk accounts and boost retention.

Design a custom program

Your churn analysis program will be based on the unique needs and goals of your company. Our team will help you refine your strategy, ask the most insightful questions, target the right customers, leverage the most valuable data sources, engage your key stakeholders, and more.

Connect with your customers—one interview at a time

When it comes to identifying what’s working and what’s not, nobody knows better than your customers. Unbiased and in-depth interviews with your at-risk and churned customers—conducted by trained win-loss experts—help you understand critical details about your customers’ experiences, objectives, and pain points.

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Share insights broadly

Clozd transcribes and tags your interviews to highlight the most important themes and trends, and the Clozd Platform’s dynamic reporting and Slack integrations make it easy to get the right data to the right leaders. Make changes in your business based on honest customer feedback—and then watch retention improve.

Enjoy unrivaled visibility into why your customers stay and leave

Clozd already uncovers the reasons you win and lose new business—and now we’ve made it easier for you to understand why your current customers either renew or churn. The added ability to analyze what you’re hearing from both prospects and existing customers will empower you to better enable your sales and client success teams.

Eliminate the high cost of customer churn

The cost of acquiring new customers is 5x higher than the cost of retaining the customers you already have. While continual acquisition efforts allow you to expand your customer base, customer retention allows you to maximize the value of customers you've already captured. There are two primary ways Clozd performs churn analysis:

Stay interviews

“Stay” interviews with existing clients diagnose the ways you’re meeting (and falling short of) their expectations.

Churn interviews

Interviews with churned clients uncover the reasons they decided to leave

Stay Interviews
Churn Interviews
Customer Story
How Xactly uses “stay” interviews to identify and save at-risk accounts

Xactly worked with Clozd to interview former and at-risk customers to better understand why clients were not renewing. The data they acquired helped them …

Nearly eliminate churn with high-value clients

Increase their confidence by confirming assumptions about why some clients were at risk

Discover opportunities to improve processes and better serve their customers

Build goodwill by showing that they truly care about their customers' success

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We thought it would be great to look at our customer base as a whole, and we figured that there were probably a number of customers that were at-risk, and maybe we weren’t aware yet. But even if they weren’t at-risk, we thought that we could gain a lot of good, valuable information by talking with these customers.”
Nancy White | Vice President of Customer Success at Xactly
benefits of clozd
The org-wide value of churn analysis

Customer retention is an org-wide objective. Clozd provides tools that empower your sales, marketing, CS, product, and other teams to keep a pulse on your customers’ health—so you can take the steps necessary to meet their needs and make sure you’re providing the best experience possible.


Get the truth about why your customers renew or leave—and then use that data to boost retention.

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Product Marketing

Influence your product roadmap and help your sales team renew more deals.

Product marketing overview

Align your teams, make strategic decisions, and drive retention.

Executives overview

Create optimal strategies that improve retention outcomes for their business.

Marketing overview
Sales Ops

Drive changes to sales execution and enablement to help you truly connect with your customers.

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Clozd helps us understand, with confidence, why we win and lose deals."

Amelie Sutsakhan

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Every review from Clozd that I read teaches me new ways to improve our sales process.

James Erickson

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Depth of knowledge we could never achieve on our own."

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