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Increase renewal revenue and retention rates

We’ll interview and survey lost customers to understand why they left, and we’ll show you our findings in the Clozd Platform. We can even flag opportunities for winning customers back. With Clozd, you’ll have an effective churn analysis program that uncovers the key themes behind client attrition—so you can do something about it.

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Increase renewal revenue

A churn analysis program powered by our expertise and methodology—as well as the Clozd Platform—will provide the roadmap you need to increase renewal revenue.

Improve retention rates

Gaining a deep understanding of the reasons your customers leave will help you focus on the best ways to boost retention.

Identify win-back opportunities

Losing a customer doesn’t mean they’re lost forever. In our churn interviews, we often find opportunities to win customers back. We’ll flag these opportunities for you and help map out ways to recapture that lost revenue.

Clozd helps us uncover the root causes behind attrition and identify at-risk clients so that we can take action and increase client retention.”

Brian Stucki | President & COO

Outstanding means of understanding why you win and lose."

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Customized program design

We design custom churn analysis programs based on the unique needs and goals of each customer. Our team will help you refine your churn analysis strategy, ask the most insightful questions, target the right departed accounts, leverage the most valuable data sources, engage your key stakeholders, and more.

Churn Analysis EXPERTS

Better insights and more data

Clozd goes straight to the source—actual decision makers—to find out why they decided not to renew. Our churn experts conduct probing, adaptive interviews with your lost customers to uncover the critical themes and factors that drove their decisions to leave.

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The Clozd Platform

Easily digest and analyze churn findings

The Clozd Platform integrates with your CRM, automates data collection, and allows unlimited users to easily analyze churn trends. Its user-friendly interface provides a quick, clear view of why customers leave. Our platform allows you to:

See overall trends

Automate churn analysis feedback

Uncover the Decision Drivers

Dig deeper on every deal

Recapture win-back opportunities

Explore competitive insights

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Learn what Decision Drivers are affecting win rate

Understand the data points behind renewal rates.

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Win-loss analysis

Explore how win-loss analysis can help your business win more.

Churn analysis

Explore how churn analysis can help your business win more.

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Clozd gave us insights into the 'why' we were winning deals."

Ike Nwabah

  | VP of Marketing

Outstanding means of understanding why you win and lose."

Tripp R.

  |  Global Competitive Insights Manager

Depth of knowledge we could never achieve on our own."

Gary C.

  |  VP of Product Marketing