Clozd for Salesforce

The Clozd app for Salesforce streamlines the collection and reporting of win-loss data from opportunity owners and merges it with existing account and opportunity data to generate real-time reports about why you win and lose.

  • Save time. The app is easy to install and use. Don't waste time inventing and maintaining your own win-loss process.
  • Capture better data. The app streamlines and optimizes the collection of win-loss feedback from opportunity owners.
  • Access and share key findings. The app offers out-of-the-box dashboards and reports that are purpose-built for win-loss analysis.

If you are serious about understanding why you are really winning or losing deals, Clozd will be the best foundation to build a data-driven approach!

Greg Larsen | Director of Sales Strategy & Operations

Capture Rep Feedback

Clozd facilitates a simple yet innovative approach to capturing win-loss feedback from your opportunity owners as they close won or lost deals. We apply best practices in question and form design to drive high participation rates and better data integrity.

Monitor Win Rates

Clozd makes it easy to monitor and explore your win rate in real-time, in all its variations. View win rate by count or amount. Filter your win rate in real-time by region, product, competitor, time period, and more.

Analyze Decision Drivers

Clozd offers out-of-the-box reports that are purpose-built for win-loss analysis. Explore the positive or negative influencer of each Decision Driver and the top reasons why you win and lose. Easily filter the results by region, product, competitor, time period, and more.

Insights are gold. Can't live without Clozd. The longer you wait to start, the more you're wasting time. This is a
no-brainer for any commercial endeavor.

Benson Metcalf | Chief Operating Officer

Track Competitors

Clozd makes it easy to explore win-loss data on a competitor by competitor basis. The app aggregates competitive insights that highlight why you win and lose against each of your top
competitors—so you can discover how to win more in the future.

Automate Reports & Insights

Clozd helps you engage key leaders and stakeholders by automating email summary reports on a monthly or quarterly basis. Or, post automated deal alerts and summar reports to Slack. Share key win-loss insights without requiring users to log into Salesforce.

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