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Clozd powers win-loss analysis with innovative software

The Clozd Platform is your hub for strategic and competitive insights. This premier software automates the entire win-loss process and provides ongoing, org-wide visibility into why you really win and lose.

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Decision Drivers
Feedback channels
Deliver meaningful buyer intelligenceat scale

Clozd's win-loss programs automate feedback collection and analysis, creating a continuous stream of insights that flow back to all relevant stakeholders.

Live Interviews

Buyer interviews are the best way to get meaningful feedback from your prospects and customers. Clozd’s unrivaled combination of technology and services delivers useful, user-friendly feedback in real time.

Effective win-loss interviews are probing and adaptive conversations, not scripted surveys.

AI-powered interview transcripts and summaries are automatically created in near real time once the interview is conducted.

Flex Interviews

Flex Interviews deliver rich, qualitative insights and enable you to scale your win-loss program to capture feedback across your pipeline and identify important trends.

Your buyers have the flexibility to respond when and where it’s most convenient for them.

Buyers submit their feedback in their own voice through video or audio recordings.

Clozd analyzes that feedback and delivers powerful insights.

Flexible interview options are designed to fit your company’s objectives and budget.


Automated win-loss surveys are about convenience. Clozd augments the qualitative interviews through robust survey (quantitative) capabilities, helping you collect additional win-loss data at scale and reach a broader, more representative sample of your pipeline.

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We engage with Clozd to learn how we can improve our win rate and build a sustainable competitive advantage. We started out with a traditional win-loss program where we interview prospects and customers from closed-won and closed-lost opps to uncover and understand the reasons why we win and lose deals.”

Heather Pepe | Senior Manager of Solutions Marketing

decision drivers

Uncover key factors and trends

Clozd identifies specific factors that had the biggest impact on your buyer's final decision. We call these Decision Drivers. These drivers help you identify both strengths and weaknesses in the way you build, market, and sell your product.

Use customer feedback to prioritize strategic initiatives

By identifying and prioritizing the most important Decision Drivers, you can focus your resources and efforts on the specific areas that will have the greatest impact on your success.

Aggregate the data

Over time, the Clozd Platform aggregates and visualizes the most common Decision Drivers, giving you visibility into important trends. You can also filter the data to specific products, timelines, deal sizes, and more.

Learn how to leverage your buyers’ most important Decision Drivers.
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Build custom reports

Using streamlined global templates, platform users can easily create self-service reports and dashboards on the win-loss data they’ve collected. These reports feature live, filterable data and are Excel-ready.

Timely insights

Instead of waiting for a program report at the end of the quarter, custom reports deliver relevant insights into the hands of those who can act on them in an efficient, timely manner. This saves precious time and specificity, and it enables key stakeholders to use win-loss insights to affect change immediately.

Actionable data

Frequent, specific reports make your win-loss data more digestible and actionable. So instead of spending your time searching through large chunks of data, you can take specific actions that will drive the biggest impact on your company’s objectives.

Automated delivery

Custom reports can be shared with an automatic email push at a specified cadence, which allows you to consistently distribute important information. Executives and other stakeholders can keep a constant pulse on why they’re winning and losing without having to spend valuable time searching for the information.

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powerful Integrations
Connect with other platforms

Once your win-loss reports and dashboards are ready, our system automates the process of sharing those insights throughout your organization—through Slack, Teams, your CRM, or email. Another key feature is your ability to export your data via API to tools like Tableau or Domo.

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Clozd helps us understand, with confidence, why we win and lose deals."

Amelie Sutsakhan

  | Senior Product Marketing Manager at LaunchDarkly

Every review from Clozd that I read teaches me new ways to improve our sales process.

James Erickson

  | Head of Market Intelligence at AppFolio

Depth of knowledge we could never achieve on our own."

Gary C.

  |  VP of Product Marketing