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The Clozd Platform powers win-loss insights.
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The Clozd Platform

Clozd complements its win-loss programs with innovative software. The Clozd Platform automates the win-loss process and provides org-wide visibility into why you really win and lose. It's your new hub for strategic and competitive insight.


Automate Win-Loss Feedback

The Clozd Platform automates the collection of win-loss feedback from various sources including buyers, sales reps, and your CRM. Capture the full picture of why you win and lose across your entire sales pipeline.

Monitor Why You Win & Lose

The Clozd Platform allows you to monitor, in real-time, the reasons why you're winning and losing deals. See how your win rate is trending over time. Drill into the decision drivers that are driving those outcomes.

The Platform is incredibly easy to use and allows you to quickly visualize insights with the ability to drill down and see details. I invited the executive team onto the platform to view results and they got it right away.
No training needed.
Mike Walsh | Head of Marketing

Explore Decision Drivers

The Clozd Platform makes it easy to filter and explore decision drivers by segment, competitor, geography and more. Then, drill down to see what customers are saying about each specific driver.

Share Findings Org-Wide

The Clozd Platform helps you engage key stakeholders and drive feedback adoption. The system can alert users each time deal-level feedback is available, or when aggregate reports are published.

Manage Users & Settings

The Clozd Platform offers robust tools for administering the platform including user permissions, security settings, notification settings, data management (imports and exports) and more.

Clozd Platform gives us a quick, actionable insights into our product, sales process, pricing and packaging, and other critical elements of our business that we use to make strategic decisions.
Ryan Smith | Director of Product Marketing
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