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Clozd complements its win-loss programs with innovative software. The ClozdPortal platform gives unprecedented org-wide access to win-loss themes, findings, and transcripts. It’s your new hub for strategic and competitive insight.

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Track Program Activity

ClozdPortal provides clear visibility into the status of your win-loss or churn interview program. Monitor program activity, quickly access recent interviews, spot emerging themes, and more.

Explore Themes & Trends

ClozdPortal makes it easy to explore the key themes and trends that are surfacing across interviews. Quickly identify key strengths and weaknesses. Filter on use case, industry, product line, competitor, etc. Click into themes to access underlying details and customer quotes.

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The platform is incredibly easy to use and allows you to quickly visualize insights with the ability to drill down and see details. I invited the executive team onto the platform to view results and they got it right away. No training needed.

Mike Walsh | Head of Marketing



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Access & Share Interviews

ClozdPortal provides easy access to past interview summaries and transcripts. Search and filter past interviews based on relevant metadata. Open an interview to review the deal details, interview summary, themes, quotes, and full transcript. Engage your colleagues by posting comments, printing, or sharing.

Automate Notifications

ClozdPortal helps you engage key stakeholders and drive feedback adoption by alerting them each time an interview is published. Enable deal and report notifications on a user-by-user basis to ensure the right people get real-time access to program deliverables.

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Manage Users & Settings

ClozdPortal offers simple and secure administrative tools for managing users, updating user settings, and importing contact lists for upcoming interviews. Best of all, Clozd lets you grant ClozdPortal access to unlimited users across your organization.


Clozd gives us quick, actionable insights into our product, sales process, pricing and packaging, and other critical elements of our business that we use to make strategic decisions.

Ryan Smith I Director of Product Marketing

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