Competitive intelligence

Set up your Clozd-Crayon integration

Clozd has partnered with Crayon—the premier competitive intelligence platform—to enable revenue teams to instantly view Clozd interviews and surveys as new insights within their Crayon feed.

Arming your sellers with real-time win-loss intelligence has never been easier. This integration creates a dynamic, real-time feed of the most critical competitive insights and provides a 360-degree view of your market position and competitive landscape.

If you’re ready to see Crayon and Clozd in action, fill out your information and we'll help you get started!

Clozd helps us understand, with confidence, why we win and lose deals."

Amelie Sutsakhan

  | Senior Product Marketing Manager at LaunchDarkly

Every review from Clozd that I read teaches me new ways to improve our sales process.

James Erickson

  | Head of Market Intelligence at AppFolio

Depth of knowledge we could never achieve on our own."

Gary C.

  |  VP of Product Marketing