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We believe that direct buyer feedback is the best way to uncover the real reasons you win and lose business. At Clozd, we’ve interviewed tens of thousands of buyers and spent years developing industry-leading strategies to run win-loss programs—and we want to share that expertise with you through our win-loss toolkit.

This toolkit provides the resources you need to take the first steps toward building your own win-loss analysis program. It includes …

State of Win-Loss Analysis Report

Explore how real companies are seeing real value from their win-loss analysis programs.

ROI Calculator

Discover the additional revenue that good win-loss analysis can potentially drive for your business.

Demo Video

See how the Clozd Platform delivers the most impactful buyer feedback—so you can share it and build alignment throughout your organization.

Free Interview

Experience the power of unbiased buyer feedback for one of your own deals—for free!

Headspace Case Study

Learn how Headspace relies on win-loss insights to add depth to their research and prove their value.

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Clozd helps us understand, with confidence, why we win and lose deals."

Amelie Sutsakhan

  | Senior Product Marketing Manager at LaunchDarkly

Every review from Clozd that I read teaches me new ways to improve our sales process.

James Erickson

  | Head of Market Intelligence at AppFolio

Depth of knowledge we could never achieve on our own."

Gary C.

  |  VP of Product Marketing