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Clozd combines the data you already have—from your CRM, call recordings, and more—with the buyer intelligence we provide through interviews and surveys to provide ongoing, org-wide visibility into why you really win and lose.

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Develop a complete view of your data

Clozd imports and analyzes the data you already have in order to create a tailored plan for your win-loss outreach.


Before your interviews, Clozd helps you import your CRM data, call recordings, and more to analyze the health of your pipeline and expose underperforming segments.


Once we've identified areas for improvement, our industry-leading platform will power your buyer outreach and feedback collection.


You’ll determine the appropriate feedback channel for each deal—whether interviews, surveys, or sales rep feedback.


As your deals close, your buyers will be enrolled in personalized email sequences to maximize participation.

Live Interviews

Buyer interviews are the best way to get meaningful feedback from your prospects and customers. Clozd has streamlined that process, providing industry-best technology and services that deliver useful, user-friendly feedback in real time.

Effective win-loss interviews are probing and adaptive conversations, not scripted surveys.

Interviews typically last 25–30 minutes and boast significantly higher participation rates than surveys.

Clozd develops a custom interview guide for each client to ensure coverage of key topics.

Program managers

Each program is led by an experienced program manager who acts as an extension of your team—they’ll learn your business, consult on program design, conduct win-loss interviews, help interpret the findings, and more. Click below to learn more about Clozd's program managers.

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Flex Interviews

Flex Interviews deliver rich, qualitative insights and enable you to scale your win-loss program to capture feedback across your pipeline and identify important trends.

Your buyers have the flexibility to respond when and where it’s most convenient for them.

Buyers submit their feedback in their own voice through video or audio recordings.

Clozd analyzes that feedback and delivers powerful insights.

Flexible interview options are designed to fit your company’s objectives and budget.


Automated win-loss surveys are about convenience. Clozd augments the qualitative interviews through robust survey (quantitative) capabilities, helping you collect additional win-loss data at scale and reach a broader, more representative sample of your pipeline.

We're able to be extremely targeted in our approach, so we can focus on the buyers who can provide the insights that will drive the greatest impact.”

Heather Pepe | Senior Manager of Solutions Marketing

Outstanding means of understanding why you win and lose."

Name | Sales Director

Interview Logistics

Clozd sets the standard for buyer outreach

Delivering win-loss insights is a complex process, and we’ve interviewed tens of thousands of buyers and spent years developing the best ways to connect with, incentivize, and collect impactful feedback from your prospects and customers.

Contact list automation

Clozd integrates with your CRM to automatically import your list of contacts into the Clozd Platform.

Interview scheduling

We then send a cadence of emails and enable your contacts to easily schedule an interview with our consultants. Our team is continually iterating to optimize our outreach and enable high participation rates.

Quick turnaround time

Once an interview is conducted, our team ensures a turnaround time of less than two days—compared to 10+ days from most other vendors—so you can access your strategic insights as quickly as possible.

Powerful Integrations

Paint a complete picture

Clozd makes collecting, enriching, and analyzing win-loss insights easy by connecting to the software you already use every day.

These integrations create a direct and secure feed of all your opportunities, call recordings, and more into the Clozd Platform, which helps you capture the full picture of why you win and lose across your entire sales pipeline.

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Share your data securely

Feel confident knowing that your data is flowing to a secure location with our Clozd for CRM integrations. Clozd is SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. Your Clozd representative will provide any needed documentation for your security review.

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Clozd helps us understand, with confidence, why we win and lose deals."

Amelie Sutsakhan

  | Senior Product Marketing Manager at LaunchDarkly

Every review from Clozd that I read teaches me new ways to improve our sales process.

James Erickson

  | Head of Market Intelligence at AppFolio

Depth of knowledge we could never achieve on our own."

Gary C.

  |  VP of Product Marketing