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Win-Loss Analysis

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Win-Loss Analysis by Clozd

Clozd provides world-class consulting and technology for win-loss analysis. We help our clients design and execute effective win-loss programs that uncover the real reasons they win and lose—so they can start winning more.

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Customized Program Design

Clozd consultants design customized win-loss programs based on the unique needs and goals of each client. We'll help you hone your win-loss strategy, ask the right questions, target the right accounts, leverage the right data sources, engage your key stakeholders, and more.

Probing, Adaptive Interviews

Clozd goes straight to the source—actual decision makers—to find out why you win and lose. Our talented consultants conduct probing, adaptive interviews with each buyer to uncover the critical themes and factors that drove their decision to buy or not buy.

Clozd has been a great partner in our win-loss journey. They were flexible in developing a methodology that worked for our needs. They feel like an extension of our team.

Tech-Enabled Processes

Clozd leverages cutting-edge tools and tech to optimize and streamline each program, including interview scheduling, transcription, incentivization, analysis, and more. Then, we publish the insights in real-time to stakeholders across your org via our innovative software.

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Robust Analytics & Reporting

Clozd consultants carefully analyze and tag themes for each interview, enabling robust analytics and reporting over time. Our innovative platform makes it easy to track and share key themes, drill-down into key business segments, and access custom reports built by your consultant.

Meaningful Outcomes

Clozd dedicates experienced, full-time consultants to each client account to oversee program design and execution. Over time, we'll help you calibrate your approach, sharpen your focus, adopt key findings, and drive meaningful outcomes for your business—like higher win rates.