Uncover the truth about why you win and lose.

Knowing why you win and lose is critical for sales and marketing effectiveness, as well as strategic alignment. Yet, less than 40% of sales reps know the real reasons why they win or lose. To get the truth, you need feedback from actual decision-makers at your won and lost accounts.

Clozd can help. We offer innovative technology and services for win-loss analysis.


The experts at Clozd can help you get started.


We'll conduct in-depth interviews with decision-makers at your won and lost accounts. Our consultants are experienced in executive interviewing and management consulting.

Over time, we'll uncover trends and insights about how and why you win, what matters most to your buyers, how your sales team can improve, critical product gaps to fill, and more.

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We'll leverage technology to instill these key learnings and promote adoption across your org - from the c-suite to new hires - so you can build sustainable competitive advantage.


"An investment in win-loss analysis will be rapidly paid back as it always leads to increased success rates."

Stephane Rosenwald
CEO, RV Conseil


The benefits of win-loss analysis by Clozd:



Sales Win Rates & Productivity

Win-loss analysis by Clozd will equip your sales team with the knowledge and confidence they need to win more. We'll help them increase sales win rates, sales productivity, and quota attainment rates.


Corporate Alignment

Win-loss analysis by Clozd will equip your executive team with unbiased feedback from actual buyers, so they can make decisions and build corporate alignment based on actual data, not just anecdotes and impulses.



Win-loss analysis by Clozd will equip marketers with a deeper understanding of their buyers - who they are, what they care about, and how to create content and messaging that truly resonates.


Product Strategy & Roadmap

Win-loss analysis by Clozd will equip your product team with unbiased feedback from actual buyers about product gaps and opportunities. We'll help you determine which product investments will truly enable sales and drive more revenue.


Competitive Intelligence

Win-loss analysis by Clozd will equip your team with unprecedented visibility into your competitive landscape. We'll help you develop the recipe for winning against each of your key competitors.



"You truly can’t train your sales teams on how and why prospective customers make their buying decision if your training isn’t based upon direct interviews with decision makers at won and lost accounts."

Steve W. Martin
Harvard Business Review


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