Gartner Report: Benefits of Win-Loss Analysis

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Are you looking to build a business case for implementing win-loss analysis at your company? One helpful resource is the Gartner report entitled, "Tech Go-to-Market: Three Ways Marketers Can Use Data From Win/Loss Analysis to Increase Win Rates and Revenue" by Todd Berkowitz.

Title: Tech Go-To-Market: Three Ways Marketers Can Use Data From Win/Loss Analysis to Increase Win Rates and Revenue

Author: Todd Berkowitz, Research Vice President, Gartner

Publication Date: 16 May 2014

Excerpt: "A formal and rigorous win/loss analysis program enables better segmentation, product strategy choices and sales enablement . . . Those that take a more comprehensive approach have seen a 15% to 30% increase in revenue and up to 50% improvement in win rates."

Summary: Companies that take a rigorous approach to win/loss analysis often observe a direct impact on sales win rates (up to 50% improvement for some companies) which in turn leads to significant increases in revenues. Companies looking to implement win/loss analysis should focus on securing buy-in from management and functional leadership and sharing the results of the win/loss analysis widely on an ongoing basis. Use the results to identify deals you should win (not just deals you CAN win), to build business cases for product strategy and roadmap, and to make improvements to the buyer experience (e.g. sales enablement). Beware of small sample sizes and latching on to anomalies.

About the Author: As Research Vice President for technology, Todd advises product marketing, demand generation, sales enablement leaders and CMOs at technology providers on how to improve the effectiveness of their lead generation, ABM, sales enablement and upsell/cross-sell efforts. He has more than 15 years of prior experience in senior roles at companies such as Oracle, NewsGator, and Nuance Communications.

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