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Daryl Pinkal Joins Clozd as Chief Technology Officer

Clozd Team

April 14, 2020

Daryl Pinkal Joins Clozd as
Chief Technology Officer

Clozd, a leading provider of services and technology for win-loss analysis, announced today the appointment of Daryl Pinkal as Chief Technology Officer.

As CTO and a member of the Clozd leadership team, Daryl will drive technical and product innovation for the company that is redefining the win-loss category.

Prior to Clozd, Daryl was a founding and principal engineer at Qualtrics. Over his 13-year tenure there, Daryl helped the company grow from a basement startup into the most successful software company in Utah history culminating in an $8 billion acquisition by SAP in January 2019.

Serving in various engineering and product management positions, Daryl made significant contributions to many of Qualtrics’ most successful product lines including Research Core, Digital Experience, Customer Experience, XM Directory, and Employee Experience - a portfolio of products with a combined revenue (ARR) in 2019 of more than $400 million.

Regarding his decision to join Clozd, Daryl said:

I used Clozd while at Qualtrics so I know firsthand the importance of solid win-loss analysis. Clozd has a unique vision for redefining the win-loss space, and I’m excited to help drive that innovation.

For more information about Clozd, visit www.clozd.com.

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