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Win-Loss Analysis: 3 Tips for Getting Started

Clozd Team

Win-Loss Analysis: 3 Tips for Getting Started

During a recent interview with Clozd, Sanjay Puri (VP Product Marketing, Avalara) shared three tips for anyone looking to implement a win-loss interview program.

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Sanjay Puri
VP Product Marketing, Avalara

Sanjay currently serves as the Vice President of Product Marketing at Avalara (NYSE: AVLR) a Seattle-based software company. Sanjay is also the co-founder of a pre-seed stage investment fund and startup accelerator called 9Mile Labs. Previously, Sanjay spent years building demand generation engines and defining the core product positioning, messaging, and growth strategies for key product lines at Microsoft, Opsware, HP, Edifecs and Oracle.

In response to the question, “What advice you would give to other product marketers, specifically around win-loss interviews?” Sanjay shared the following tips.

First, start the damn program.

The first one is start the damn program. Doesn't matter how big you make it. Start with few interviews- two, five, ten, twenty per month, whatever number makes sense at a regular cadence that is right for your business and budget.

Second, don’t fire and forget.

Continue to monitor [the program] closely. It's not a fire and forget . . . look at the results and then start to hone in on exactly what you want to achieve out of the program. Sometimes you go into it with a hypothesis and other times you may decide that you just want to start a program because it makes sense. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for something like this. You will have to match the win-loss program and you have an opportunity to match this win-loss interview program with whatever your strategic drivers are and then fine tune it until you are getting what you need out of the program.

Third, use the feedback to build credibility.

There is no better way for product marketers to gain credibility within an organization or to gather support for your initiatives than bringing the voice of the customer into the equation . . . cite a customer testimonial and all arguments come to an end because that's the end of opinions. Opinions, while they're very interesting are not very valuable. Direct customer feedback is and I really believe that bringing direct customer feedback, whether it's through win-loss analysis or other mechanisms for product marketers, is one of the best ways to make yourself credible and effective.

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