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Sick of sales leaders complaining that marketing leads don’t convert? When your buyers tell you exactly why you win and lose, you have the data you need to drive your company’s revenue strategy and win rate.

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Strengthen alignment

How Clozd helps marketers build influence

Effective marketing leaders are data-obsessed and rely on objective, buyer-centric win-loss data (not their intuition) to determine optimal go-to-market strategies that improve revenue outcomes for their business.

Win-Loss Toolkit

Generate winning pipeline

Clozd helps you understand your ideal customer better than ever, enabling you to target more precisely, craft superior messaging, and attract a higher number of more-qualified prospects into your pipeline.

Improve down-funnel conversion

Uncover the specific sales behaviors—as well as gaps in your product, pricing, or solution—that lead to subpar conversion rates, giving you clear direction on what the revenue team can do to convert more of the leads you send them.

Dictate GTM strategy

Objective win-loss data influences key strategic decisions, enabling you to become a trusted GTM advisor for your CEO. You’ll drive critical changes that your sales and product teams need to make in order for your company to succeed.

Build org-wide influence

Win-loss insights are the ultimate source of truth for any organization. When you own this data, you’re empowered to effectively drive initiatives, gain support for your strategies, and contribute to the overall success of the company.

Voted #1 by your peers

The reviews are in—with more coming every day—and according to nearly 200 reviewers, Clozd is the best in our category. See what business leaders like yourself are saying about the benefits of win-loss analysis with Clozd.

It’s unfathomable why more people don't do this. I mean, it’s literally company-changing to get this data on a consistent basis."

Diana Massaro
Chief Marketing Officer,
Skyhigh Security

We needed insights into what works and what doesn't for pipeline opportunities. It seems easier for prospects to give feedback to someone uninvolved in the process than to an internal representative.”

Rebecca Timm
Marketing Operations

Clozd has helped us generate third-party feedback on the issues most important to us. It’s a terrific tool, and their team has been tremendously helpful every step of the way.”

Dan Bolton
VP of Corporate Marketing,

Clozd is helping us get deep insights into why we’re winning and losing deals in the market. It has allowed us to be more productive and efficient at sourcing primary insights from our customers and prospects."

Jordan Barsness
Competitive Intelligence, PitchBook Data

Customer and non-customer research helps us move the needle for our business, and Clozd offers a seamless process to do this.”

Cynthia LaRue
Head of Marketing,

We need to better understand our customers and competition, and Clozd helps us to have a continued, automatic analysis of how our business is perceived by the market.”

Claudia Colombo
Senior Marketing Manager,

Win-loss use cases

Uncover millions of dollars in untapped revenue

Here’s a small sample of ways you can impact revenue through win-loss analysis.

“Pricing” is the most common closed-lost reason. But did you know that most deals aren’t actually lost because of price? Find out—directly from your buyers—the real reasons you’re losing deals.
Zero to hero
Acquia turned the #1 reason they lost deals into the top reason they were winning.
Find out how other revenue leaders are using win-loss data to truly understand their buyers’ behaviors and intentions—so they can create messaging that resonates more deeply with prospects.
Who NOT to sell to
Are you tired of wasting time selling to the wrong prospects? Improve your sales team’s efficiency by accurately identifying who NOT to sell to.
Identify and beat new, disruptive competitors before they gain a foothold in your marketplace
$500K opportunity
Find out how other revenue leaders are using win-loss data to identify and win back a $500K deal that had been marked “closed-lost.”
Generating more pipeline isn’t the only way to consistently hit your revenue goals. Increasing your win rate by just a few percentage points can make a huge difference to your bottom line.
Learn why our customers attribute an ROI of 8,500% to their partnership with Clozd.

We engaged Clozd to help us understand at a deep level why we aren't winning deals. They’re performing regular win-loss interviews for complex professional software products and services to inform our go-to-market and in-market strategies. ... Clozd has exceeded our expectations. We’re optimizing our strategic and tactical plans based on the insights.”

Karyn DeJong | Director of Product Marketing

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