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Win-loss analysis with Clozd provides detailed and unbiased feedback directly from your buyers—so you have the data you need to influence your product roadmap and help your sales team close more deals.

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How Clozd helps product marketers drive strategy and revenue

Effective product marketers use win-loss data and insights to optimize their go-to-market strategy, refine messaging, and credibly influence other departments to make critical changes that will improve future sales outcomes.

Win-Loss Toolkit

Gain cross-functional support for the changes you make

With Clozd, your input and requests will be significantly more credible—and the departments you’re trying to influence will finally listen—because you’ll have buyer-centric win-loss data to support your point of view.

Improve product positioning and messaging

Win-loss insights provide a deeper understanding of how your buyers perceive your product and exactly why they can (or can’t) justify purchasing it. This empathy helps you refine your messaging so it resonates deeply with future prospects.

Tie your team’s efforts to revenue outcomes

With Clozd, you’ll know where to focus your efforts so you can increase your company’s win rate. Additionally, you can measure win-rate improvements over time to demonstrate ROI and show that your efforts are directly tied to revenue.

Influence product strategy and roadmap

Direct buyer feedback is the ultimate source of truth for any organization. When you own this data, you’re empowered to effectively drive initiatives, gain support for your strategies, and contribute to the overall success of the company.

Voted #1 by your peers

The reviews are in—with more coming every day—and according to nearly 200 reviewers, Clozd is the best in our category. See what business leaders like yourself are saying about the benefits of win-loss analysis with Clozd.

Clozd has provided a clear view on how our field teams are engaging with customers and prospects that helps us refine our go-to-market activities."

Abel Gonzalez
VP of Product Marketing, Kentik

Clozd helps us understand, with confidence, why we win and lose deals."

Amelie Sutsakhan
Senior Product Marketing
Manager, LaunchDarkly

Clozd’s ability to quickly show us trends on why we succeed or fail is incredibly valuable. This provides us with clear direction on what actions we need to take to increase our business success.”

James Erickson
Market Intelligence Manager,

Using a third party like Clozd helps us reach our customers more effectively since they’re more likely to talk to someone not affiliated with our organization.”

Lisa Persico
Product Marketing Manager,

You can't live without this tool. Make the budget for it. With the results from Clozd, you can spend your time enabling your team to win more and close the gaps on why you lose.

Stacey Wright
Product Marketing Manager,

The fact we can drill down into categories and see verbatim feedback that’s been collected is hugely valuable. It makes the data really actionable.”

Adella Jarvis
Senior Product Manager,

Win-loss use cases

Uncover millions of dollars in untapped revenue

Here’s a small sample of ways you can impact revenue through win-loss analysis.

“Pricing” is the most common closed-lost reason. But did you know that most deals aren’t actually lost because of price? Find out—directly from your buyers—the real reasons you’re losing deals.
Zero to hero
Acquia turned the #1 reason they lost deals into the top reason they were winning.
Find out how other revenue leaders are using win-loss data to truly understand their buyers’ behaviors and intentions—so they can create messaging that resonates more deeply with prospects.
Who NOT to sell to
Are you tired of wasting time selling to the wrong prospects? Improve your sales team’s efficiency by accurately identifying who NOT to sell to.
Identify and beat new, disruptive competitors before they gain a foothold in your marketplace
$500K opportunity
Find out how other revenue leaders are using win-loss data to identify and win back a $500K deal that had been marked “closed-lost.”
Generating more pipeline isn’t the only way to consistently hit your revenue goals. Increasing your win rate by just a few percentage points can make a huge difference to your bottom line.
Learn why our customers attribute an ROI of 8,500% to their partnership with Clozd.

Clozd has given us clear client or prospect statements on how our platform is perceived, where we outperformed, and where we failed. Competitive insights are very valuable as well. The data is coming straight from the horse's mouth, thus cannot be disputed by anyone."

Matthieu Clermont | Product Marketing Manager

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