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Hit your quota with confidence

The only thing worse than missing quota is not knowing why. Get the truth about why you win and lose business directly from your buyers—and then use that data to make sure you hit your target.

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Reduce pipeline pressure

How Clozd helps sales teams win

The most effective sales leaders don’t focus solely on generating more pipeline—they also prioritize boosting their win rate with the pipeline they already have. Buyer-centric win-loss analysis gives successful sales leaders the playbook to winning more of the deals in their pipeline.

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Identify landmines

Whether it’s a lack of product knowledge, traps set by competitors, or misaligned messaging, Clozd helps you identify exactly why you’re losing deals—so you can avoid those landmines in the future.

Duplicate winning strategies

Direct buyer feedback helps you understand exactly which strategies contributed to closed-won deals and which didn't, so you can reinforce the winning strategies with your whole team.

Qualify your buyers better

With Clozd, you can “open up the hood” on who your best buyers are and what motivates them to buy. This enables you to close your deals with greater velocity.

Identify win-back opportunities

We find that 1 in 10 closed-lost deals represent legitimate win-back opportunities. Buyer feedback uncovers these and other hidden sources of revenue.

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Voted #1 by your peers

The reviews are in—with more coming every day—and according to nearly 200 reviews, Clozd is the best in our category. See what revenue leaders like yourself are saying about the benefits of win-loss analysis with Clozd.

[It's] very easy to see patterns of where the components throughout the sales cycle have led to wins and losses.”

Dan Fiore
Senior Product Solutions
Partner, Workhuman

Clozd helps us get unprecedented visibility on what works and what doesn’t within a sales cycle.”

Abel Gonzalez
VP of Product Marketing, Kentik

It only takes us winning one deal to make Clozd worth it.”

Rex Galbraith
CRO, Consensus

60% of sales reps don't understand how they won or lost a deal.”

Jordan Barsness
Competitive Intelligence, PitchBook Data

This service helps us as salespeople understand the less 'tangible' reasons through intelligent interviewing.”

Jeff Lee
Enterprise Account Executive, Diligent

The feedback provided by Clozd is much more informative than what we receive from our sales representatives and those involved in the deal.”

James Erickson
Head of Market Intelligence, AppFolio

Actionable data

How much do you really trust your CRM data?

You might think tracking deals in your CRM is enough—but you'd be wrong. We analyzed the CRM data of thousands of deals and compared it to what buyers actually said. Here's what we found.

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65% of deals are tagged with the wrong competitor

Win-loss data shows that buyers report a different primary competitor than what's logged in the CRM on nearly 7 out of every 10 deals. Are you aiming at the wrong target?

There are 4–5 factors that determine every deal's outcome

In contrast, CRM data offers you a single reason ... picked from a drop-down menu. Can you really trust your CRM data to tell you why you're winning and losing?

85% of the time, your closed-lost data is completely wrong

When we compare the buyers' reasons for a deal being lost to the data documented in the CRM, buyer and seller data only matches up 15% of the time.

There are 4–5 factors that determine every deal's outcome

In contrast, CRM data offers you a single reason ... picked from a drop-down menu. Can you really trust your CRM data to tell you why you're winning and losing?

Most of your closed-lost data is useless

44% of closed-lost reasons don't tell you why you lost. Data that only explains the outcome of the deal (i.e., "Lost to Competitor") isn't actionable. Data that isn't actionable can't help you win more.

Most CRM data ignores why you win

Positive Decision Drivers (the things you did well in a deal) are rarely documented. Yet doubling down on strengths often yields faster improvement to your win rate than attempting to fix weaknesses.

Every professional sports team reviews their footage to understand where they need to improve. Even amateur golfers record their swings to try and improve their terrible handicaps. Winning deals is our sport, and Clozd is our video review. Everybody needs to be making every effort to get clients sharing feedback with this program."

Ravi Kumaraswami | President of Worldwide Field Operations

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