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Is your win rate declining? Are you losing deals you think you should be winning? Or maybe your sales training isn’t resonating like you hoped it would? Win-loss analysis with Clozd gives you the tools you need to turn things around and empower your sales team to hit their revenue targets.

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Sales enablement

How Clozd helps sales ops leaders empower their teams

Savvy sales ops leaders use Clozd’s buyer-centric win-loss data to more accurately assess why their sales team wins and loses. Armed with this data, they can confidently deliver win-loss reports to other revenue leaders and drive changes to sales execution and enablement that will increase win rates.

Win-Loss Toolkit

Surface trustworthy insights so the leadership team can make necessary changes

Clozd delivers buyer-centric win-loss data that other teams and leaders actually trust, which fosters strategic alignment around the initiatives that will make selling easier.

Drive improvements to your sales process

Direct buyer feedback gets you inside the minds of your buyers to understand the real reasons they buy (or don’t buy), as well as the specific breakdowns in sales execution that are hurting your win rate.

Maximize productivity through the right content and training

Clozd’s buyer intelligence provides clarity around the content and training your reps need, the competitive differentiators that resonate the most with your buyers, and the sales tactics reps should embrace (and avoid) in order to win more.

Accelerate your team's onboarding process

Our customers report that their sales reps ramp nearly 1.3 months faster because they partner with Clozd. This means that instead of spending extra time and money on training, you’ll have more resources dedicated to actually hitting your quota.

Voted #1 by your peers

The reviews are in—with more coming every day—and according to nearly 200 reviewers, Clozd is the best in our category. See what business leaders like yourself are saying about the benefits of win-loss analysis with Clozd.

Clozd helps us get unprecedented visibility on what works and what doesn’t within a sales cycle.”

James Erickson
Market Intelligence Manager,

[It's] very easy to see patterns of where the components throughout the sales cycle have led to wins and losses.”

Dan Fiore
Senior Product Solutions Partner, Workhuman

Clozd helps us get unprecedented visibility on what works and what doesn’t within a sales cycle.”

Abel Gonzalez
VP of Product Marketing,

Clozd helps inform our sales approach, our product roadmap, our pricing, and our support process.”

Adella Jarvis
Senior Product Manager,

Clozd provides an extra clean version of collateral that is easily transferrable to other tools in my tech stack.”

Jordan Barsness
Competitive Intelligence, PitchBook Data

The questions really dig into  problems and motivators, making it easy to learn from our mistakes and understand what we’re doing right.”

Daniel Campos De Oliveira
Senior Solution Engineer, Qualtrics

Win-loss use cases

Uncover millions of dollars in untapped revenue

Here’s a small sample of ways you can impact revenue through win-loss analysis.

“Pricing” is the most common closed-lost reason. But did you know that most deals aren’t actually lost because of price? Find out—directly from your buyers—the real reasons you’re losing deals.
Zero to hero
Acquia turned the #1 reason they lost deals into the top reason they were winning.
Find out how other revenue leaders are using win-loss data to truly understand their buyers’ behaviors and intentions—so they can create messaging that resonates more deeply with prospects.
Who NOT to sell to
Are you tired of wasting time selling to the wrong prospects? Improve your sales team’s efficiency by accurately identifying who NOT to sell to.
Identify and beat new, disruptive competitors before they gain a foothold in your marketplace
$500K opportunity
Find out how other revenue leaders are using win-loss data to identify and win back a $500K deal that had been marked “closed-lost.”
Generating more pipeline isn’t the only way to consistently hit your revenue goals. Increasing your win rate by just a few percentage points can make a huge difference to your bottom line.
Learn why our customers attribute an ROI of 8,500% to their partnership with Clozd.

Every professional sports team reviews their footage to understand where they need to improve. Even amateur golfers record their swings to try and improve their terrible handicaps. Winning deals is our sport, and Clozd is our video review. Everybody needs to be making every effort to get clients sharing feedback with this program."

Ravi Kumaraswami | President of Worldwide Field Operations

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