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Every program includes a dedicated Clozd team of passionate win-loss experts. Combining their talents with Clozd’s technology and methodology creates an effective win-loss program that will drive positive change in your business.

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Work with the top win-loss experts

We’ve spent years developing the best ways to run win-loss programs, and along the way we’ve worked with top companies from all over the world. Because of that, our team has become experts at collecting deep buyer feedback at scale, showing you exactly why you win and lose, and helping you identify opportunities to win more.

Kjersten Moore

Kjersten has a master’s degree from the University of Chicago. She led Cicero Group’s market research practice and has run win-loss programs for companies such as ADP, WebMD, Pluralsight, and C.H. Robinson. Kjersten has conducted more than 1,500 win-loss interviews, and she leads Clozd’s enterprise program management team.

Cam Turnbow

Cam has conducted more than 2,000 win-loss interviews and has led win-loss programs for companies like Morningstar, Salesforce, and VMware. He has an MBA from the University of Utah and currently leads and mentors Clozd win-loss program managers.

Scott Varner

Scott is an enterprise program manager at Clozd, and he’s managed win-loss programs for Microsoft, Google, RingCentral, and more. Before Clozd, Scott managed gloabal analyst relations for Qualtrics, and he also worked for Nestle USA on the go-to-market strategy for a globally recognized brand. He holds an MBA from Brigham Young University.

Gia Bower

A program manager at Clozd, Gia has conducted more than 700 interviews for a wide range of industry leaders. Before joining Clozd, Gia worked as a senior consultant for Blomquist Hale Solutions. She’s also a certified mediator, and she has a Master of Strategic Communication degree from Westminster College.

Emily Ziegler

Along with an MBA from the University of Utah, Emily has years of experience as a project marketing manager in the outdoor industry—where she led initiatives around brand awareness, product adoption, sales enablement, and more. She's managed successful win-loss programs for companies like Toast, IFS, Quickbase, and Consensus.

Jacob Mike

Jacob has managed win-loss interview programs for firms such as Pitchbook, Stripe, and Xactly. He has a BS in finance from Brigham Young University, and prior to Clozd, he worked as a financial analyst for a Fortune 30 companies in Philadelphia and New York City.

I love working with our program manager. He’s been instrumental in making the process as easy and seamless as possible.

Heather Pepe | Manager, Solutions Marketing

Outstanding means of understanding why you win and lose."

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Focused resources uncover why you win and lose

Having access to a dedicated team of win-loss experts will transform how your business makes key go-to-market decisions. We dedicate the time to thoroughly understand your business, buyers, competitors, and objectives.

Program design

The Clozd team will share our expertise and help you design a customized win-loss program based on your unique goals and needs. We’ll help develop your win-loss strategy, ask the most insightful questions, target the right accounts, and guide the program to success.

Ensure program delivery and execution

Comprehensive, large-scale win-loss programs take time, effort, and expertise to reach their full potential. Our interviewers, operations team, and technology are the best at delivering timely win-loss insights at scale.

Interview quality

Clozd has developed the most impactful way to run win-loss interviews. We’ll dive deep with probing, adaptive questions to uncover the full story. We can also tailor our approach based on the needs of your specific program, and we use our experience to help chart the best path forward.

Insights discovery

Clozd will feel like an extension of your team as we consistently deliver thoughtful win-loss insights. This analysis and information will help you drive strategic change throughout your company.

Buyer experience

Our team has years of experience reaching out to buyers and finding out the real reasons a deal was won or lost. We promise that your buyers will have a positive experience connecting with our skilled team.

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Clozd helps us understand, with confidence, why we win and lose deals."

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