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Poll: Current State of Win-Loss Analysis?

Clozd Team

In recent months, Clozd founders Andrew Peterson and Spencer Dent have had the opportunity to speak to product marketers at The Product Marketing World series of events. In some of these locations (Austin, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco) Clozd has administered a poll to attendees to find out the current state of win-loss analysis at their respective organizations.

In total, we have received 323 responses from these product marketers.

Here are some highlights:

  • Only 2% of product marketers believe their organization has org-wide clarity and alignment about why they win and lose (5 out of 323 respondents).
  • Surprisingly, 17% of product marketers don’t know what win-loss analysis is.
  • The vast majority, 81%, believe something is being done but that it could be done better.

Do the results surprise you? From our vantage point they accurately reflect the current, collective state of win-loss analysis.

Win-loss analysis is growing in popularity. But it is still widely neglected. Many organizations have started making an effort to capture win-loss data, but their efforts are often siloed, fragmented, or underfunded. As the product marketing function matures, we expect that product marketers will emerge as key drivers and owners of win-loss analysis. Clozd is committed to providing the tools, services, and resources that they need to succeed in those efforts.

Andrew Peterson
Founder, Clozd

Do you see an opportunity to improve your organization’s approach to win-loss analysis? Clozd can help. Contact us to learn more about our innovative services and software for win-loss analysis.

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