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Check out our most recent posts, which range from sales enablement and negotiation strategies to helpful tips on how to better understand your buyers—all based on our expertise from running win-loss programs with companies all over the world.

Four Tips to Level Up Your Win-Loss Analysis Program

With a large majority of companies investing in win-loss analysis, the question becomes: how can you level up your current program to drive a more significant impact for your organization?

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How COVID Forever Changed B2B Marketing

COVID changed B2B marketing. Saber Sherrard and Johnny Hansen with Bain & Company shared research on those changes and what winning marketers did to win during a crisis.

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The Importance of Buyer Empathy in Marketing

Understanding your buyers is the most important thing a marketer can do. Trenton Romph sat down with Chris Walker, the CEO of Refine Labs to talk about why marketers should build buyer empathy

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Cutting Through the Noise: Focusing on the Data That Matters

How do you cut through the data that isn’t as important to get to the golden nuggets that will drive the most value for you?

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5 Reasons You're Losing to "No Decision"

Clozd sat down with two sales professionals to get their take on no-decision outcomes and why they are the worst outcome of a closed deal.

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Five Tips For Successful Win-Loss Analysis by Pragmatic Institute

Paul Young, an instructor at Pragmatic Institute, gives five tips on how to make your win-loss analysis program successful and how to get you the most holistic, complete picture.

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The Value of Win-Loss Analysis for Product Marketers

Product marketers are implementing win-loss analysis programs to bring value to their organizations.

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Advice and Tips to Launch a B2B Product

Launching a B2B product can make or break a company. We hosted an expert panel to share their advice on doing it successfully—from resourcing, planning, audience awareness, and how to measure success.

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Tips to Improve Sales Team Performance

Clozd identified three common reasons sales teams influence winning and losing deals through the data gathered in these programs.

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Sales Tips From Two B2B Enterprise Sales Legends

Jim Steele and John D'Agostino share lessons on how to succeed in B2B sales. This is a recap of their best stories on building a winning culture, attributes of a successful salesperson, and more.

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How to Actually Use Your Win-Loss Analysis Data

Win-loss analysis programs can aggregate a lot of useful information but taking that information and actually using it to drive meaningful change is why it is so important to your overall strategy.

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How To Use Win-Loss Analysis Cross-Functionally

Win-loss analysis can be a helpful tool across your organization. The insights gathered from a robust program can help influence change cross-functionally.

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Why Competitive Intelligence & Product Marketers Are Using Win-Loss Analysis

Competitive intelligence and product marketing professionals are using win-loss analysis to gain useful intel and information on competitors, better understand the needs of their buyers.

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Eight Tips to Help Your Win-Loss Analysis Program

Here are eight practical tips that you can implement today to help you get your win-loss analysis program working at its best.

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Competitive Intelligence 101 - Keys to a Strong Competitive Intelligence Program

It's essential to know who your competitors are. Make sure your competitive intelligence programs don't de-prioritize understanding your actual customers and focus too much on the competition.

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Be a Better Marketer by Focusing on Brand Strength and Reputation

Analyzing the data from thousands of buyer interviews we've done these are some takeaways on how brand strength and reputation help you win more and increase revenue.

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What Is Product Marketing? Everything You Need to Know

Product marketing is an emerging discipline that sits at the cross-section of product, marketing, sales, and customer success. Explore the role and responsibilities of a product marketer.

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Make Win-Loss Analysis More Impactful with Executive Sponsorship

Win-Loss programs are more successful with executive sponsorship. When each functional leader gets involved early on win rate initiatives based on program findings are implemented faster and better.

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Prioritize Getting Started, Not Being Perfect With Win-Loss Programs

Instead of perfecting your win-loss analysis approach and never launching you should prioritize getting started first, then optimize along the way. Learn how in this article.

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Turn Win-Loss Data Into Actionable Insights

Anyone that manages a win-loss program at some point needs to take the data and turn it into actionable insights. Our consulting team lead, Jonathan Stevens, talks about how to make this happen.

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Why You Should Build An Operational And Ongoing Win-Loss Analysis Program

Building an operational, ongoing win-loss analysis program will give you constant access to customer feedback. The more you know about what customers want, the more you can provide it to them.

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A Framework for Creating the Right Win-Loss Analysis Questions

Follow our framework to create the right win-loss analysis questions for effective win-loss buyer interviews.

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John D'Agostino Joins Clozd's Board of Directors

Clozd welcomes John D’Agostino—former Head of Global Sales at Qualtrics—as an Independent Director on our Board of Directors.

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Announcing WinLossWeek. Register now.

Take part in the world’s largest online event dedicated to win-loss analysis. Join industry leaders and to explore strategies, tools, and best practices for effective win-loss analysis.

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The State of Win-Loss Survey

Clozd and The Pragmatic Institute have teamed up to conduct The State of Win-Loss Analysis 2020 Survey.

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