Win-loss programs by Clozd.

We conduct in-depth interviews with the decision-makers at your won and lost accounts.

Over time, we'll uncover key trends and insights about how and why you win and lose.

We'll help you instill the learnings across your org so you can foster alignment, learn faster, and win more.



Design Program

Clozd consultants will develop a program plan, interview guide, and sampling strategy tailored to your unique goals and business. We'll provide thought-leadership and help you focus on what matters most - to set you up for success and help you get the most out of your investment.



Conduct Fieldwork

Clozd consultants will conduct in-depth, probing interviews with the decision-makers at your won and lost accounts. We'll conduct, record, transcribe, tag and summarize each interview. Then, we'll incorporate valuable quantitative feedback to get you the clear, complete insights you need.


Analyze & Report.png

Analyze & Report

Clozd will deliver crisp summary reports that highlight key themes, competitive insights, recommendations, and more. Our consultants conduct in-depth analysis of the qualitative and quantitative data to uncover clear answers to the question, "why do you win and lose."


Drive Outcomes.png

Drive Outcomes

We'll leverage innovative technology and services, like ClozdPortal, to drive adoption and action. We'll help you translate win-loss insights into action, to help you achieve meaningful uplift from your investment - like increased sales win rates.



A formal and rigorous win-loss analysis program enables better segmentation, product strategy choices, and sales enablement … those that take a more comprehensive approach have seen up to 50% improvement in win rates.

Todd Berkowitz
Vice President